Thermas Del Daymen… Uruguay Hot Springs

We went from being showered by the falls at Iguazu Falls, to relaxing in the thermal pools at Daymen Hot Springs; and while it all sounds lovely, it was one stressful time.



Way back when we were in Puerto Natales, we had our debit card information stolen at one of the ATMs. We had only one debit card on us (huge rooky mistake), and were left in the last month of our travels with only a credit card. While we are totally pro credit cards for racking up points and getting free stuff, having only a credit card limited our ability for loads of things in Uruguay.


{Traveler’s Tip… If you’re traveling to any foreign country, be sure to bring more than one debit card/credit card. Being stuck without one puts you in a not so fun, sticky situation!} 


The country as a whole doesn’t allow for cash advance at ATMs with credit cards, and the majority of places don’t even accept credit cards as a form of payment. This led to us wondering the streets of Salto in extreme frustration. We finally found a place that allowed us to buy food and pay an extra 200 USD on the card that they would then give us back in Uruguayan Pesos. This is so totally illegal, but we are extremely grateful for that restaurant owner to have grace and understanding in our time of need!


{Traveler’s Tip... If you’re heading to Uruguay, be sure to bring cash along with you before entering the country, or be prepared to pull out cash at an ATM, as cards are not widely accepted.} 


Those pesos had to stretch for our two weeks in Uruguay, since we figured there was no chance another person was going to do that same deed for us. This meant searching anywhere for hostels or hotels that accepted AMEX credit cards, and finding buses that too accepted payment in credit card. This immensely limited our options of what to do/where to stay, but it all worked out!


At the bus station, we learned of Daymen Hot Springs and Spa where you could relax literally all day at the hot springs and get 40 minute massages for 12 USD per person. And best of all, there were hotels around the area that accepted our AMEX credit card. We were definitely heading there!! This was exactly what we needed after hours of stress in Salto.


The Daymen Hot Springs and Spa were incredible. There were seven thermal pools/hot tubs (If I’m remember correctly) all with varying temperatures making it extremely easy to pass the time away relaxing at each one.


{Traveler’s Tip… If you’re heading to Daymen with little ones, there is Daymen Hot Springs, a waterpark, right next to the Daymen Hot Springs Spa that is kid friendly and they have great water activities. Definitely check them out!}



With the weather being extremely nice, we spent the majority of our time in the coolest pool, and for the most part had the pool to ourselves the entire day.



We left and walked around the local market for a bit and grabbed some street food for lunch before heading in for our massages. These massages were hilarious!! While Jason’s was somewhat decent, Heather’s reminded her of when the kids back home massage your back.. (extremely gentle, and more like a back tickle than anything else!) But hey, what can one except for such a cheap treatment.



After the massages, we enjoyed each thermal pool until it got dark. We literally got there when it opened and shut the place down at night! It was the perfect, much needed, stress free day after the hassle with our credit card the day before!



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