11 Things Not to Do While Traveling || What to Avoid on Your Next Adventure

Everyone talks about things to do while traveling, but what about the things not to do while traveling? With plenty of ideas on what you should do, we’re sharing things you shouldn’t do on your next adventure. Learn from our mistakes, and don’t do these things abroad!


1. Don’t take taxis.

Taxis will kill your budget. With public transportation and apps like Uber or Lyft, paying for a taxi is not the way to go! Aside from killing your budget, taxi’s don’t give you the local feel. If you want to travel like a local and really experience the culture where you’re heading, jump on the local bus or metro instead!


2. Don’t eat near tourist attractions.

Restaurants near tourist attractions always have the most expensive prices and the worst food! Walk down the side streets near the tourist attraction and you’re bound to find better food at much better prices!


3. Don’t think you’re going to see every tourist site.

You’ve pinned all the places you want to visit on your map app and are going to hit every single attraction in one trip, right?! Wrong! Don’t expect to see it all. Yes, we recommend having an idea of what to see in the city/place you’re visiting, but use those ideas as a guide, not as a to-do list! You’ll be worn out, cranky, and exhausted and will end up not enjoying your trip if you aren’t okay with missing some of the “must see’s”.

4. Don’t over pack.

Is wearing two different jeans and ten different shirts really worth the extra weight in your luggage and the extra bag charges on flights? You really won’t wear/rotate your clothes that much. Packing less is definitely the way to go on your next adventure! Check out our tips on how to go from checked to carry-on luggage here.


5. Don’t bring a card with foreign transaction fees.

Foreign transaction fees Kill. The. Budget. Nothing puts a damper on your trip more than getting charged every time you use your card or pull out money! Get a “travel” credit card and say goodbye to all the extra fees when you swipe your card or sign up for a Charles Schwab account and pull out money for free!


6. Don’t assume hostels are the cheapest.

Yes, hostels are pretty cheap… and have saved our butts in loads of places across the world. However, they aren’t always the cheapest. Be sure to check AirBnB’s in the area, and if you’re traveling with someone else, always check hotel prices too. Often times rooms at a hotel are cheaper than two dorm beds!


7. Don’t always take public transportation.

While traveling, walking is the best form of exercise! Aside from burning off the calories from the delicious pastry you had in the morning, often you’ll find the best secrets of a city when walking around! – Like when we found this amazing sushi place or this killer restaurant in Paris. You’ll save some extra cash, and enjoy the location more by walking a few miles here and there!


8. Don’t skip out on a bit of research beforehand.

While backpacking in South America, we didn’t research a thing. Half the time we didn’t even know where our hitchhiking driver would drop us off. With that said, there’s a time and place for traveling freely, as well as researching where you’re heading. If you’re traveling in Europe or other developed places, we recommend researching a bit beforehand. Find what the different parts of town offer as far as food/accommodation/safety, and go from there!


9. But…don’t do too much research either!

You don’t need to know everything about a destination before going there. Half the fun of traveling is talking with the locals or other traveler’s and finding where to go from them.  Have some ideas of where to stay/what to see, and book your next adventure!

10. Don’t book too early.

Booking things early often ends in higher prices. When booking tours, flights, cruises, and accommodation booking too early can make you pay sometimes double what other people pay or more! If you find a deal on flights jump on it! But when it comes to tours or even cruises, it’s best to check in with the office one or two days before the tour leaves… They’ll give you a discounted price because they want to fill the spots!


11. Don’t forget your necessity bag.

Never leave on a trip without your bag of necessities! Having all the traveling essentials in one pack will ensure you’re ready for anything!



It’s no lie that traveling isn’t always sugar plums and rainbows… but wow… Making a list of things not to do while traveling makes us feel super negative!! However, we’re sure avoiding these things will make your next trip the best one yet! You’ll save money, be less stressed, and probably fall in love with traveling when you don’t do these things abroad.

We’ll be writing soon of all the things you should do while traveling, however, we’d love to hear some of your ideas on things not to do while traveling too! What are things you always avoid on the road?! What mistakes have you made that you want other travelers to be aware of?!



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