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Croatia is a country with gorgeous mountains, breath-taking waterfalls, and crystal clear seas. While visiting Croatia there are a few things you shouldn’t miss. Take these 10 things to do in Croatia and plan the trip of a lifetime! Just be forewarned—you may never want to leave!


It’s pretty easy to see why we instantly fell in love with Croatia, and why we’re sure you will too! Let’s dive on in and maybe you’ll fall in love before you even get there!

Enjoy the Sun Setting Over Dubrovnik

[Rooms Rita in the Hillside of Dubrovnik. Book your room here.]

Tucked away in the very south of Croatia, is the historic town of Dubrovnik. A bit touristy, but well worth a visit. Explore the city, and stay in the hillside to catch this killer sunset!


Eat Your Weight in Fresh Fruit from the Highway Stands

[You’ll find fruit stands all along the road around Opuzen – a large gorgeous valley full of farms!]

If you’re driving to and from Dubrovnik, you’ll surely be passing through Opuzen. Stop at any of the fruit stands along the way. If there’s not one on your side of the road, keep driving – there’s plenty along both sides!

Live Like You’re in a Fairytale at Plitvice Lakes National Park

[Plitvice Lakes National Park in Plitvica – Find opening times and prices here.]

Plitvice Lakes National Park is usually people’s number one thing to do in Croatia, and with that comes many tourists. Try and beat the crowd by getting there early or staying late! You’ll be walking a lot so be sure to wear comfy shoes, and pack your own picnic to enjoy! Just a heads up, you can’t get in the water at Plitvice Lakes, so maybe save this one for a not so hot day!


Listen to the Sea Play you a Song and Witness the Greeting to the Sun

[Probably the top thing to do in Zadar. You’ll find both the Sea Organ and the Greeting to the Sun along the waterfront.]

Zadar is a lovely town right in the middle of Croatia’s coastline. With a great waterfront and fairly easy access to many of Croatia’s national parks, Zadar is a great home base for a trip to Croatia. The Greeting to the Sun (a cool solar light display) and the Sea Organ (a musical art piece along the water) are both located down on the waterfront, and make for a great place to enjoy a bottle of wine with the sunset!

{Traveler’s Tip… For a modern apartment stay in Zadar be sure to check out Villa Diana, it’s located within easy walking distance to and from the city, and comes complete with kitchenettes for you to cook your own meals! If you’re looking for a cozy villa stay with a pool and super relaxed feel, check out the Art Villa Ines – these are private rooms filled with beautiful artwork, and truly offers an escape from the city/tourist feel!}


Swim Below the Waterfalls at Krka National Park

[Krka National Park is a lesser visited national park in Croatia where you can actually get in the water. Find Krka National Park just outside of Sibenik. For opening times and prices, head here.]

Krka National Park is a much less visited national park near the coast in Croatia. Here you can wander through the beautiful wooden trails and end your visit swimming below the falls. Again, pack a lunch and find a spot in the shade to enjoy the falls!

Drive the Old Highway to Find a Private Escape

[The new highway through Croatia is a toll highway, and while a lot faster and fairly cheap, you’ll miss out on some Croatia’s beauty taking it. Find the old highway basically following the Adriatic Sea up and down Croatia’s coastline.]

This was recommended to us by a local, and we couldn’t have been more stoked to take this drive. The old highway takes you through little towns and villages along Croatia’s coastline. You’ll find places to swim with your own private beach, beautiful scenery, and a slow and easy feel to Croatia by taking this old route!


Kayak through Croatia’s Islands

[Kayak the islands around Hvar with &Adventure. Book your adventure here.] 

A trip to Hvar wouldn’t be complete without doing some sort of water sport. &Adventure offers a great sea kayaking trip through the islands off Hvar. You’ll kayak through the open sea, around a few islands and even stop for a nice long lunch and a swim in a beautiful little cove. Check out this sea kayaking trip in more detail here.


Soak in the Island Views on Top of Hvar

[Lining the top of the island is the old Hvar road. You’ll find 360-degree views of the surrounding islands, and Croatia’s version of Machu Picchu.]

Driving towards the castle in the town of Hvar, there’s a road that goes off to the right. Take this road and follow it all the way until it meets the main highway again. You’ll find gorgeous views, old rock stacks where lavender and other plants used to be dried on, and really, really tiny roads! Be careful driving this, as the roads are super skinny, and can be quite scary at times!


Wash all Your Cares Away at Hotel Skalinada

[Hotel Skalinada found in Zavala offers the perfect island escape. Book your room, including breakfast and dinner here.]

Staying at Hotel Skalinada was probably the highlight of our entire trip in Croatia. This hotel is more than just a place to stay, it’s a true Croatian experience. There’s a warm family feel, a truly relaxed atmosphere, and the sweetest owners around. The staff goes above and beyond to make your stay as perfect as can be, and honestly, the grounds make you feel like you’re at a true resort, not a hotel at all. We cannot recommend this place enough.

{Traveler’s Tip… Get a room including dinner. It is well, well worth the price. We have never had food that has tasted so good and had so much love poured into the making of the dish. 40+ years of fishing and cooking has brought these dishes to the finest around – seriously haven’t stopped dreaming of them since being there!}

Refresh in the Crystal Clear Waters of the Adriatic Sea

[The entire coastline is full of stunning, crystal clear water. Throw on some goggles and go for a swim, you won’t be disappointed.]

A trip to Croatia wouldn’t be complete without jumping in the beautiful Adriatic Sea. The waters are crystal clear, and truly as blue as all the photo’s you’ve seen. Bring a small pair of goggles and swim around enjoying the wildlife underwater!



We visited Croatia in the “shoulder season”, where there weren’t as many tourists, and prices were much cheaper. If you can work out visiting Croatia late May to mid-June or mid-September through October, you’ll have a completely different experience than when visiting during the high season. We fully recommend visiting in the shoulder season, but if you can’t, still go during high season. It’s truly a beautiful country and one of our all-time favorites!

Check out more on Croatia, including itineraries, must see’s and travel advice on our Croatia Travel page. And if you want more video footage and inspiration, you can find it all here on our Croatia playlist.


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*These recommendations are from our trip in the “shoulder season” in May/June 2017. Prices, and experiences may change if you travel in the high season mid-June to mid-September.
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