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After booking flights to Croatia, we were pumped to be spending ten days in the beautiful country. To be honest, we weren’t planning on spending any of those ten days in Dubrovnik, but one thing led to another, and we stayed two days in the hillside of the city. The view was just too good to pass up as a perfect workspace!

We’ve gathered a list of nine things to do in Dubrovnik, all easily done in one day so you can get out and see the beautiful countryside and less crowded beach towns. Keep in mind, Dubrovnik is extremely touristy, and we highly recommend visiting other parts of Croatia as well!


1. Visit the Fortress in Old Town

A trip to Dubrovnik isn’t complete without a visit to the Fortress right on the water. You’ll find way too many tourists, marble streets, and overpriced food and souvenirs … What more could you ask for? Okay really.. Jay really liked seeing the fortress, and if you’re in Dubrovnik, what the heck!?

{Traveler’s Tip…Loads of people would include walking the city walls in their things to do in Dubrovnik list, however, we’re all for the free stuff, unless it’s food, so we left that out. But by all means, if you want to spend the money, we’ve heard this is great!}


2. Get Lost in the Hills

The hills of Dubrovnik are where the romance begins. We loved wandering through the hillside, up and down the alleys of never ending stairs. These little alleys and stairways are postcard perfect! Definitely on the top of our list of things to do in Dubrovnik!

{Traveler’s Tip… Be sure to bring water with you wandering through the streets. It gets hot fast, and there’s lots of climbing. If you like sparkling water, try the Croatian sparkling water, Jamnica, it’s super tasty and oddly different than most sparkling water!}


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3. Swimming on Backside of Harbor

There are great places to swim just outside of Dubrovnik, but if you’re in the city, you might as well jump in the water there. Walk along the right side of the harbor, and find a nice swimming area complete with large rocks to sunbathe on and even a shower to rinse off that salty water!

{Traveler’s Tip… In the late afternoon, the Fortress behind the swimming area casts shade all across the rocks, so be sure to get your swimming in before 4:00 pm.}


4. Indulge in Some Delicious Gelato

So gelato is totally a thing in Italy (I mean everyone knows that) but in Croatia, it’s good too! It tastes a bit different than Italian gelato, but it’s still oh so good!! There’s a place just outside of the Old Town that has amazing flavors – Dubrovnik 1836 Restaurant and Café.

{Traveler’s Tip… Be nice to the workers, after all, they determine how big your scoops are! The lady before us got the tiniest scoop because she was being a bit sassy, then Jay got a big scoop cause his good looks 😉 and I got a bigger one because we were actually talking with the lady scooping our gelato – they are human after all and do like some conversation!}

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5. People Watch at the Harbor

There’s something so fun about people watching. Maybe it’s just us, and you may think it’s crazy, but seriously, try it out! In a place so touristy, you’ll find people from all different cultures to sit and watch and try to understand! Find a place in the shade and watch boats come in and out of the harbor, and loads of people stopping for that picture perfect selfie 😉

{Traveler’s Tip… Walk through the fortress/old town to the far side towards the airport. You’ll find benches made of marble to sit and relax on. If you get lucky and find a seat in the shade, the benches will help cool you off too!}


6. Wander the Streets of Old Town

With cute candy shops, fun window shopping, and well old buildings, wandering through old town can be enjoyable if you can beat the crowds. There’s marble everywhere, making it a site to see, but definitely try and beat the crowds here! – Think thousands of people jumping off multiple cruise ships coming into Dubrovnik to visit Old Town—Crazy! With that said, if you’re in Dubrovnik, you have to pay the Old Town a visit, even if it’s just for a few minutes.

{Traveler’s Tip… Don’t just walk through the main streets of Old Town, wander down the cute side ones as well!}

7. Stay in the Hillside

Yes, we just said to visit the Old Town, but trust us here, don’t actually stay in Old Town. You’ll get charged a higher tax when booking, and you will miss out on the romantic and peaceful side Dubrovnik can offer. A stay in the hillside offers amazing sunset views (next point) and an escape from the mass tourism in Old Town.

{Traveler’s Tip… If you’re staying in the hillside, you do need to be capable of walking a lot of steps. You can take the local bus #3 out of Old Town and get dropped off within the hillside villas, but do be warned you’ll still have steps to climb up and town in and out of town!}

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8. Have a Glass of Wine and Enjoy the Sunset

This goes hand in hand with staying in the hillside. Choose a villa with views of the sea, and enjoy amazing sunset views with a glass of wine, soaking in the fact that you’re in Croatia! The sunsets from the hillsides of Dubrovnik are amazing, with the sun setting just past all the isles at sea!

{Traveler’s Tip… We stayed at Rooms Rita, and had the perfect balcony to just sit and enjoy the sea! The rooms weren’t anything spectacular, but our host was great, and the views were to die for. We actually ended up staying an extra night here because the view was so nice!}


9. Get the Heck out of Town

Dubrovnik is pretty, we really liked staying on the outside of the city in our villa on the hill, but the rest of Croatia is lovely too. Don’t spend all your time in Dubrovnik. If you’re only in Croatia for a few days and are flying in and out of Dubrovnik, be sure to head to the beaches just outside the city, they’re amazing. And heck, rent a car (super cheap.. like 10 USD a day) and drive outside of town!!

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A Few Things to Consider About Dubrovnik

* Remember that Dubrovnik is extremely, extremely, touristy. If you visit Dubrovnik during high season or when cruise ships are docked there can be literally thousands of people crammed like sardines into a very small city. We were actually told that at some points, there are so many people in Dubrovnik Old Town, that the police have to come and man the gates, and say twenty people come out one gate, they radio to the other gate to allow twenty new people in. No thank you! That’s just crazy! Try to avoid Dubrovnik during tourist season (mid-June through early-September), and you may just make your stay more enjoyable!

* Dubrovnik is in the very, very southern part of Croatia. We flew there because it was the cheapest place to fly into, however, it’s extremely out of the way, and honestly, we wouldn’t fly there again unless we were planning on heading to Montenegro. It 5-6 hours of straight driving to get to Plitvice National Park, and many other beautiful areas up the coastline as well. The drive is gorgeous, but it’s long… and there are tolls, so be forewarned here!

*  You also must cross into Bosnia when driving north from Dubrovnik to get to the main part of Croatia. This wasn’t a problem for us, and we actually ate at an amazing restaurant in Bosnia, but something to definitely consider when flying in and out of Dubrovnik.


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We enjoyed our time in Dubrovnik, and absolutely loved Croatia as a whole country. We will be posting loads more of our time in Croatia, but if you have any questions at all before we get those posts up, shoot us an email or comment below!

As always, if you feel we left out something in our things to do in Dubrovnik list, comment with your suggestion, so other readers can see what you think too!



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