10 Things to do in Warsaw | Traveler’s Tips for Poland’s Capital

Poland’s capital is full of rich history. Everywhere you go within the city of Warsaw, you can feel and see the history around you. But there’s more to Warsaw than remnants of World War II. Get inspired for your trip to Poland’s capital with this list of ten things to do in Warsaw.



1. Eat Pierogi at Folk Gospoda


2. Visit Old Town Warsaw

3. Take a Stroll Through Warsaw’s Parks


4. Find Run Down Buildings Within the Skyscrapers


5. See The Palace of Culture and Science


6. Walk Amongst the Skyscrapers

7. Splurge On a Nice Hotel


8. Find Strange Art Within Warsaw


9. Take Night Shots Around the City


10. Meander Down Krakowskie Przedmiescie


Take this list of things to do in Warsaw with a grain of salt. Our best finds when we travel are the places we find on our way to somewhere else. Sometimes we don’t even make it to the place we planned on going! Use this list as a starter and add your own things to do in Warsaw to it!

If you find any hidden secrets or great things to do in Warsaw, be sure to leave it below for other travelers to see!



Recommended Gear for Visiting Warsaw

Travel Bag:
We always travel with this backpack. It doesn’t really look like a backpacker’s bag, has so many compartments to store and hide your belongings, and the zippers can connect to each other making it difficult for someone to just unzip the bag while you’re walking around.

Camera Set Up:
All photos in this post were taken with this camera using mainly this lens, and occasionally this one. You can check out a full list of our camera gear here.

Water Bottle:
It’s actually safe to drink the water in Warsaw, so just filling this water bottle each time you leave your accommodation will save you some cash! And the best part is, this bottle keeps liquids cold for 24 hours and hot for 6 hours – so your water will stay cold all day, or you could fill it with hot coffee or tea to go!




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3 thoughts on “10 Things to do in Warsaw | Traveler’s Tips for Poland’s Capital

  • Warsaw is an incredible city, for sure worth visiting 🙂 There are many fascinating places to see and visit, everybody would be able to find something for themselves. I am a huge foodie and I love discovering culinary places, that’s why my favourite place in Warsaw is a bar and restaurant. It is localized in the Old Town, and it is called Bubbles. They serve great champagnes and wines as well as excellent food. I always leave this place full and happy 🙂

    • Alan, we couldn’t agree more! The diversity of Warsaw offers a little something for everyone! If we ever make it back there, we’ll have to check out Bubbles! It sounds great!

      Heather and Jason

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