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Zadar is a city almost directly in the middle of the Dalmatian Coastline of Croatia. It’s well known for the party scene, however, there’s much more that Zadar offers. We’re sharing things to do in Zadar all relatively close to the center, along with day trips to make from Zadar and where we recommend staying. Enjoy these five things to do in Zadar, and if you think there’s more to add, leave us a comment below!



1. Enjoy the Sea Organ as the Sun Sets

One of two major attractions in Zadar is the Sea Organ. This is an organ played by none other than the Adriatic Sea. Sitting along the water’s edge listening to the sea play music is unlike anything else. Bring a bottle of wine or your favorite bubbly and enjoy the sun setting as the sea plays you a song!

{Traveler’s Tip… Get here early to get a seat. Even when we traveled in the off season, there were loads of people. If you want to dangle your feet over the edge, or have room to get comfy, you’ll need to arrive well before sunset!}


2. Witness the Greeting to the Sun

Located right next to the Sea Organ is the Greeting to the Sun. This is a piece of art illuminated by the sun after the sun charges it’s solar lights all day long! You’ll feel like a kid again running around this huge solar art piece!

{Traveler’s Tip… Sit and enjoy your drink near the Sea Organ until the crowd clears away. The longer you wait after sunset, the more vibrant the colors of the Greeting to the Sun will be, and you won’t have as many people gathered around you!}

3. Walk Along the Seafront  

Whoever made Zadar’s Riva or seafront had people in mind when doing so! It’s a huge walking space with parks, benches, and restaurants all along the water!  It’s a great place to have dinner and take an evening stroll, or even go for a morning run! You’ll see lots of other active people here!

{Traveler’s Tip… Sit back and take in the views with gelato from Eva. They have delicious gelato, and if you ask nicely, they’ll even make you an affogato! Even their vanilla ice cream was to die for! Expect to pay around 10 HRK (1.5 USD) per scoop.}


4. Visit the Forum   

The Forum is an area of Old Town Zadar that’s full of rich history. You’ll find it right in the middle of the peninsula the Greeting to the Sun and Sea Organ are on. There are a couple churches and some cool ruins to check out here!


5. Wander Around the Marble Streets

Zadar’s marble streets aren’t nearly as crowded as Dubrovnik’s, however, they’re in our opinion just as cool. You’ll find old buildings and great shopping walking around the marble streets! Try and find both the Sea and Land Gates while wandering around!


Where We Recommend Staying in Zadar 


Art Villa Ines:

If you’re looking for a place to stay with loads of character and a great swimming pool, the Art Villa Ines is the place for you. It’s a darling place with more places to relax than one can imagine, the sweetest host, and is a little slice of relaxation in the city! Check out this post for more information on the Art Villa Ines.


Villa Diana Zadar:

If you’re looking for a place that’s more modern look no further than Villa Diana Zadar. Villa Diana Zadar is a villa with mini apartments and a modern, yet extremely cozy feel. It’s the perfect place to be able to make your own meals while on the road, and really feel like you’re at home! Check out this post for more information on Villa Diana Zadar.

Day Trips from Zadar


Plitvice Lakes National Park:

Plitvice Lakes National Park is the uber famous waterfall national park in Croatia. With the lakes being less than two hours away from Zadar, they make for a great day trip. Do be aware that there is no swimming in these lakes, and it can get a bit touristy.

WATCH MORE : A Day at Plitvice Lakes National Park


Krka National Park:

Krka National Park is a lesser visited national park in Croatia, but we aren’t sure why. At this national park, you can actually get into the water and swim around at the bottom of the falls! It again can get quite touristy, but it is well worth the visit!

WATCH MORE : A Day at Krka National Park



Recommended Gear for Zadar:

While you don’t need any specific gear for Zadar, we recommend this travel gear for your trip to Croatia.

This camera is what we used for the photos in this post as well as the video in the beginning. Taking good quality photos is a great way to capture all the memories! We always, always travel with this backpack. It’s the perfect carry-on size pack with shelf like compartments to organize all your belongings. And this water bottle keeps drinks cold for 24 hours! The best way to beat the heat in Croatia!


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