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When planning a trip abroad, or in your home country, there are certain things you can’t travel without. Each time we travel somewhere new, we always have a bag with the following gear inside! Some of these may seem silly, but trust us, you’ll be thanking us for each of the items on our list of things you can’t travel without!




You better believe we recommend rocking a fanny pack on your next adventure! The reassurance of having all your valuables right on your hip is the most comforting thing when in big crowds! If the fanny pack idea is killing your traveling vibes, take a look at these other money safe options here.

Our Recommendations for Keeping Your Money Safe



This one seems like a no-brainer, but the catch here is bringing one that you’ll actually use. Bringing a nice camera isn’t worth it if you don’t feel comfortable taking it out in public, or if you’re not willing to lug it around with you everywhere. Yes, we love traveling with our DSLR, however, there are times we don’t feel safe having it out, and in those times it’s nice having a smaller one to carry around!

Our Recommendations for a Travel Camera



One of our rules for traveling is, never travel on an empty stomach. You don’t want to be walking around frustrated when all you need is a bit of food in you. Never travel without snacks in your pack. This goes for flights, long bus/train rides, and even while simply walking around sightseeing.



Staying hydrated while traveling is a must. Different climates and walking way more than usual will leave you thirsty!! And, you don’t want to add buying bottled water into your traveling budget. Bring a bottle with you, and ask the staff at cafes/restaurants to fill it up for you when you’re out and about! Just be sure the water is safe to drink first! 😉

Our Recommendations for Water Bottle



Whether it be public bathrooms not having toilet paper (which yes… happens more often than you think abroad) or the need for some tissue for your nose, you’ll need toilet paper at some point in your travels! We aren’t talking about carrying an entire roll with you at all times, just wrap up a good amount and stick it in your bag!


While hand sanitizer is one of the top things you can’t travel without there are a couple rules here. Do NOT, we mean DO NOT, be that traveler who squirts ungodly amounts of hand sanitizer on themselves right in front of the locals.  Yes, you’ll probably be traveling in places that aren’t as hygienic as you’re used to, but lathering up in front of the locals is telling them their home is dirty. Definitely not the message you want to send to people. Use hand sanitizer in private, and thank us later for you having it when none of the public toilets have soap!

{Traveler’s Tip… Be sure your hand sanitizer is small enough to be permitted in your carry-on luggage. It has to be less than 3 oz., and fall under the following rules here.}



Gone are the days of unraveling a map and failing at folding it back up perfectly, and in are the days of offline map apps! If you have a smart phone, you must get an offline map app! No more getting lost from point a to point b, and even better, check what local restaurants, parks, and stores are near you at the click of a button! You don’t want to eat at McDonald’s when Burger place from Paris is right around the corner!  To check out our top recommended free offline map app and download your map head here.

{Traveler’s Tip… Be aware of your surroundings when using a map. Pickpocketers and other scammers zone in on people with their maps out to “help out” while stealing something while you’re distracted!}


When thinking about safety, a travel lock is second on our things you can’t travel without list. Often times hostels or other accommodation will offer lockers to keep your valuables, but those lockers don’t come with locks. Pack your own on you to ensure your luggage and valuables are safe. Consider even packing one for your fanny pack too! If you’re traveling to a busy touristy place, a little lock on your fanny will give you that bit of extra comfort!

Our Recommendations for Travel Locks


What are items on your list of things you can’t travel without? We’d love to hear some of your ideas!

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