Timisoara Travel Guide | Where to Eat and What to Do in Timisoara, Romania

Traveling to places that aren’t really on the ‘travel radar’ yet can be so hit and miss, but Timisoara, Romania is a huge hit! There’s so much greenery within the city, and more walking streets than you can imagine, making it a perfect place for an Eastern European getaway. Use this Timisoara travel guide as a start to your trip, and find your own secrets to add too!

After getting to Timisoara around 1 am, we were a bit nervous as we were greeted with a dinky airport and no transportation in sight. But, the city proved us wrong. It’s full of parks, squares, great food, and cheap prices, making Timisoara a great place to travel!  You can read our personal stories of our time in Timisoara here (coming soon), or continue reading this post for our take on things to do in Timisoara!

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Visit the Timisoara Orthodox Cathedral

If you’ve done a Google image search on Timisoara, we’re sure you’ve seen the cathedral.  The Timisoara Orthodox Cathedral towers over the main part of the city and is a beautiful backdrop to the main town square. This was our first taste of Timisoara, and man it was a good one!

{Traveler’s Tip… The inside of the cathedral is gorgeous. Be sure to cover up your knees and shoulders, so you can go inside the cathedral without disrespecting the locals.}


Eat Romania and Serbian Food at Restaurant Dinar

Located about a mile walk outside of town, Restaurant Dinar is well worth the visit. They serve up huge portions of Serbian and Romanian food and a mean glass of wine. Not to mention the décor is to die for!

When we went to this restaurant we felt a little out of place, but don’t be fooled, you’re welcomed there!

{Traveler’s Tip…It’s typical for people to ask if you have a reservation before letting you sit down. To avoid this awkwardness, book a table ahead of time (especially in the evening), or just own the fact that you don’t have a reservation and point out a table that’s open anyways!}

People Watch at Any of the Many Town Squares

For how small Timisoara is, we were quite surprised at how many squares were in the city center. It seems like no matter what direction you walk, a square with benches and beautiful buildings will be waiting for you.


Sit Back and Relax in a Park

Zooming in on a map of Timisoara, there are SO many green areas! From botanical gardens to parks with castles and playgrounds, Timisoara is full of green space! Find a book and relax under the trees – just be warned, with no public toilets around you may see a person or two peeing around the corner!


Wander Through the Walking Streets

Again, we were SO surprised with all the walking streets and huge walking/cycling paths throughout the city. Our Uber driver told us that the top dogs in Romania are trying to make the cities more people friendly, and man, are they doing a good job at it. Timisoara is full of walking streets. There’s nothing quite like walking through a city not having to worry about cars or buses hitting you! 😉


Join the Locals with a Daily Menu Meal for Lunch

Our first day in Timisoara, we made the mistake of going out for lunch at the wrong hour. As we were walking around, everyone was on to afternoon drinks instead of food. However, the second time around, we found outdoor seating packed with people! We quickly noticed they all were eating the same dishes… Hallelujah, they had set menus, bringing us right back to South America! Daily menus come complete with soup, a main, dessert, and a drink for around 18-21 LEI (5 USD).

{Traveler’s Tip… Go to lunch between 12:00-15:00. That way you won’t miss the meal deal!}

Drink Water from the Public Fountain

Okay, this one may seem weird, but seriously do this! When you find something that all the locals are doing, you have to join in too! Fill up your water bottles, or just take a quick sip by putting your finger on the bottom side, making the water shoot out the top!

{Traveler’s Tip… Find this fountain when walking from the main square with Timisoara Orthodox Cathedral to the square with Monumentul Sf. Maria.}


Take a Sunset Stroll Along the River

The river going around the northern part of Timisoara is lined with parks and walking paths. Bring a bottle of wine and enjoy the sun setting with the willow trees blowing in the breeze! You can even rent boats to paddle through the water.. Just be warned, Jay saw someone flip in a canoe – don’t let that be you!!

{Traveler’s Tip…Some of the paths are for cycling only, be sure to pay attention to the painted pictures on the ground!}


Use Uber, Not Timisoara City Cabs

Public transportation in Timisoara is really cheap, and there are even bikes to rent to cycle around town, but sometimes you just need a cab. Cab drivers in Romania are known for ripping people off, charging WAY more than the set rate. We recommend using Uber for your cab connections. It’s an app you download, and it gives you the price you pay on the phone… and the best part is that there’s no transfer of money. You set up a card on the app, and then all the payments go through the app itself! Hello, points, no haggling prices, and no hassle with pulling out money!

{Traveler’s Tip… Sometimes there aren’t Uber drivers available because there really aren’t many in the city, but if you just wait a bit one will pop up!}


Drink Freshly Squeezed Juice

I’m a firm believer that if you don’t like juice, it’s because you haven’t had freshly squeezed juice yet. At restaurants in Timisoara skip the soda and bubbly water and go straight for the fresh juice! It’s so good, and you really can’t get enough of it!


Recommended Gear for Timisoara

Travel Bag:

We don’t travel anywhere without these PeakDesign backpacks. They are perfect for everyday use and can fit so much stuff into them. The adjustable compartments and access from the top and both sides make them absolutely perfect for travel!


All the photos in this post were taken with this camera using this lens. However, if you’re not going to carry around a large camera, we recommend bringing something like this one!

Water Bottle:

This water bottle keeps drinks hot for six hours, and cold for 24! You’ll want this bottle no matter what time of year you visit Timisoara, and hey, it’s the perfect bottle to fill at that public fountain!

Uber App:

Uber is a great way learn local tips and history. Although you can take public transportation or walk most places, sometimes you’ll need a cab. Uber provides cabs with no haggling over prices and no hassle of transferring money between you and the driver. Sign up for Uber here.



Have you been to Timisoara? Do you have anything to add to things to do or see in Timisoara? And.. We’d love to hear tips on other places in Romania that you have, as we’d love to get back and see more of the country! Leave your tips below!



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