Toledo – A Full-Day Trip from Madrid



If you’re in Madrid for a few days, a day trip to Toledo is highly recommended.  Toledo is a small town on a hill surrounded by a river flowing through the canyon below. The tiny streets mixed with the historic buildings gives Toledo a two thumbs up from us!



Now, we aren’t big city going people. We typically end up in a big city solely due to transportation reason, so when we scored flights to Madrid a trip outside the city was a must! After hearing of Toledo from a few people, we knew this was the place we wanted to go!


How to Get to Toledo


Taking the train to Toledo is probably the easiest way to get there. We love training through countries because you get to really see the countryside. The trip between Madrid and Toledo was no different. It was only 30 minutes, but it was lovely.


{Traveler’s Tip…Roundtrip tickets from Madrid to Toledo are €21 per person. Take the metro to Atocha Renfe, and purchase your tickets to Toledo from a kiosk there. Be sure to give yourself more time than you think – the metro/train station is huge, and you have to go through security to get on the train!}


At the train station, you’ll have people shoving CitySightseeing tour tickets in your face. Do yourself a favor, and don’t do this! The best part of Toledo is getting lost on the tiny streets! From the train station, just walk towards town. Trust us here, you’ll see where to walk… after all, it’s up on a hill! If you’re unable to walk, certainly partake in the CitySightseeing Tour of Toledo.


Seven Things to do in Toledo


Be sure to get off the main touristy streets. You’ll find these streets surrounding the main square with loads of food options, however, a trip to Toledo is not worth it if you only go there! Get lost in all the tiny streets and random walkways. Ahh.. it’s so lovely!


  1. Don’t miss the views from the old stairway to the right once you walk across the walking bridge.



  1. Walk down along the river and find Baños Árabes de Tenerías.



  1. Check out the Monasterio San Juan de Los Reyes, and if you’re feeling really brave, you can zipline across the canyon from here!



  1. Window shop.



  1. Eat traditional Toledo food.



  1. Watch the sunset from across the river.



  1. This is the most important one… Seriously, just wander around the streets. It really is quite the romantic and relaxed escape if you let yourself get lost in the streets!



How Much Time in Toledo


When we went to Toledo, we only gave ourselves half a day there. This was NOT enough time! We really wish we arrived between 9-10 and stayed for the whole day. If you don’t have much time, you could definitely get away with a quick trip there to escape the city, however, we really suggest a full day.



Regardless of if you take a full day or half day there, be sure to be there for sunset. Watching the sun set over the city, and the lights slowly start twinkling on across the hillside was a beautiful sight to see.



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Remember that Toledo is an escape from your city trip in Madrid. Keep that in mind, and really just relax and enjoy this little town! If you have any questions, be sure to ask away! Enjoy your trip!




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