Top Two Offline Travel Apps

If you’re planning a vacation and you’re feeling uneasy about the outrageous data usage fees abroad, we’ve got you covered. We have two travel apps that are must haves to any trip, abroad or close to home!


Keeping in mind the lack of data usage while traveling and a traveler’s budget, we’ve found two apps that are free and use absolutely no data once downloaded! Hello celebration for easier traveling!


App Number One:  Maps.Me


This app is exactly what it sounds like… a map just for yourself. Once you download the app, you then search for the region of the world you want a map for and download that region. (Be careful here, as some places have multiple maps for each country). Be sure to download the regional map while you’re connected to wifi.


Once the map is downloaded, you can access the map while your phone is on airplane mode. No data, wifi, or internet access needed what-so-ever! It works just as a normal map would. You plug in where you’re heading or what you’re looking for, and it finds it and gives you a route to that location! With being a user input app, unfortunately, some places you’re searching for may not be on the map, but in most cases they are! Good news, if they’re not on, you can add them for future travelers!



Yes, that all sounds great, but what about the “dot me” part of the app. That’s where the app gets even better! You can pin locations on any region you have downloaded, color code your pins, and even take notes on the different pins. This means that when you see those great Instagram photos and think “Oh I have to go there” you can drop a pin on your app. Then, when you’re in that part of the world next, you’ll remember what you want to see!



Glad we made your life easier? Just wait till you read about the next app!



App Number Two: WikiTriip – Worldwide Offline Travel Guide


When you’re in a new location and have no idea where to go or what to see, this app comes to the rescue! Again, download the app while you’re connected to wifi, and once it’s on your phone, wala- you can use it while on airplane mode without any source of internet connection.


Disclaimer, as far as we understand, this app is suitable for iPhone users only. Sorry all you non-iPhone users.


WikiTriip is full of user input on places to go and things to do in nearly every city in the world. It includes traveling tips like how to get to and from the airport by public transportation, gives estimates on what you should expect to pay for different services, and provides a brief history of each city.



We love this app because we like to know a bit of history about the places we travel before arriving. And… it’s always nice to have an idea of what to expect to pay for a cab ride or local bus fare.




Other travelers like yourself have inputted all the information stored within these travel apps. If using either of these travel apps, give a little back and add to the immense storage of information contained within both and wikitriip.




Have any questions about these travel apps or want some more details about them? Don’t hesitate to comment below or shoot us an email over at


If you’re traveling stateside, be sure to check out our addition app suggestions and travel tips to saving money on your next road trip!


Happy traveling!!



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