Tucson and Saguaro NP


We made it to Arizona!!!


And this was one of the first signs we saw… no bueno!!

We made it to Tucson, Arizona in the late afternoon,  as soon as we made it to Kevin’s house the three of us got right back in the car and drove out to Saguaro National Park (East) to explore the Saguaro Forest Drive and hike a few short trails. We have never seen a Saguaro before up close and personal, so we were really excited to be able to walk amongst them for the afternoon.


We are the saguaros… can you tell?


Enjoying the view.. and the company


Saguaros are HUGE!!!


Again… Pretending to be Saguaros.. pretty good at it huh?


Having way too much fun with Kevie!!


Okay.. last one 🙂


Saguaro here.. Saguaro there… Saguaros saguaros everywhere!!


So many different types of cacti!


YYYYAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY we made it to Kevin!!! 🙂 So glad we got to spend so much time with this fella!

After we hiked around the park for a bit, we made our way to this amazing little diner. It had hotdogs Mexican style, and they were delicious! They wrap the hot dogs in bacon, then put them in a Mexican style bun, then top them with salsa, sauce, and beans. We left wanting more, but had dinner waiting for us at Kevin’s house, so we let our mouths drool all the way home. Once we got home we sat down and had a nice family dinner with Kevin and his parents. We enjoyed our taco salad while talking about all that we have done and all that they want to do.


Absolutely amazing!! Hands down the best dogs around!

After dinner, we went up to the hotel restaurant in the complex and had drinks while staring at the city lights. We ended the night with some shuffleboard and then climbed into the most comfy bed we have stayed in so far!


We like to all wear the same color 🙂

We planned on spending the morning with Kevin before he had to get to work, but our plans changed and consisted of having to buy new tires for good ol’ Zippy. While Kevin was getting ready for work and running errands, we spent the morning finding the cheapest place to get tires for the last 1000 miles of our trip. A man at a tire shop told us about a used tire place that has great tires for really good prices. We ended up getting tires at the used tire shop and spending $200.00 instead of $400.00 to give Zippy some new wheels…Praise the Lord


Zippy’s problem!! See over there on the right.. yeah it’s not supposed to be stripped like that!


Cover your eyes.. Zippy is stripping!!


Getting her new wheels! 🙂

The rest of the afternoon was spent hanging out by the pool reading and applying to school in Scotland. We went to Kevin’s work at night to ride the golf carts around enjoying the silhouettes of the saguaros on the painted sunset behind them. We then went to Oregano’s for a delicious pizza dinner and ended the night with some Friday night football.


Poolside reading 🙂


Sunsets with saguaros are some of the best around


We had to capture the reflection in the pond at the golf course!


So peaceful out on the green 🙂


Best ride around town.. well I guess just around the golf course..


Waiting for Kevie to get off work so we could go to dinner.

Saturday Kevin had the day off of work, so we decided to hike the Seven Falls hike at Sabino Canyon. This hike was great, definitely a hike we would recommend to do if you’re ever in the Tucson area. This hike actually had more saguaros to see than the East Saguaro National Park area. On this hike you cross back and forth over the creek quite a few times, then ascend up the mountain to a gorgeous waterfall- actually seven waterfalls, all falling in a continuous stream. We hiked up the falls to our own secluded spot and enjoyed bathing in them for a bit before making the trek back down the trail.


Hitting the trail with this hooligan 🙂


So many saguaros!!


One of the best in town at Seven Falls’ bottom pool.


Seven Falls

That night we had leftover pizza for dinner, went to Dairy Queen to get a free blizzard that actually turned into us thinking we could not use it when we really could then said our goodbyes. We then realized we were way too tired to drive more than an hour down the road so we ended up going back to Kevin’s and staying one more night there.

We got up early in the morning and hit the road to head to Petrified Forest National Park and then the Grand Canyon later that evening. (Well at least that was the plan)

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