Two Nights in Pai, Thailand

Pai, Thailand is an area of Northern Thailand about three hours outside of Chiang Mai. The road leading to Pai has 762 curves, up, down, and around mountains. However, the relaxed feel of Pai is absolutely worth the absurd amount of corners on the way there! This itinerary of Pai is based out of Chiang Mai. You can take a look at what to do in Chiang Mai here. Enjoy the relaxed feel of Pai and the amazing breakfast and coffee at Good Life!

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Assuming you followed our Chiang Mai Itinerary, and stayed at ZZ House, have a relaxed last morning at ZZ House, grab breakfast at your favorite place, and pack up for Pai. If you’re not worn out from mopeding around, you can embark on a 4-5 hour moped ride up to Pai. Too daunting of a task for you?? Take the minibus to Pai. It’s a 3 hour ride with 762 curves. If you get car sick, bring the right medication, a bag for getting sick, and lots of water.


Check into your guesthouse and spend the day relaxing. Walk through the streets, make your way down to the river and watch the water pass by, grab food from any of the local vendors, and simply relax. Your plan for Pai is to fully unwind in the Thai countryside! The pools at most hotels help with this! 😉

{Traveler’s Tip… There are many guesthouses/hotels/hostels in the area. Find one with a pool and a private deck to lounge on. This is the place to sit in a hammock all day with beauty surrounding you!! Book ahead of time, as the best ones go fast! You can shop around for accommodation at}


For breakfast today, make your taste buds scream over at Good Life. Their breakfast is amazing, and their iced coffee is hands down the best in Thailand! This restaurant has some extremely mixed reviews on TripAdvisor, and I have no clue why. We ate here every day we were in Pai, and spent literally hours each morning eating our food and sipping on our coffee because the atmosphere is so nice!


After breakfast, rent a moped for the day (100 baht). They have a huge gas scam in Pai with the mopeds… you only need about 10-20 baht of gas for a day in that area, but they have a 50 baht minimum for tourists on mopeds. When you get the moped, it’s completely on empty… meaning, they’re definitely draining the leftover gas for themselves! Instead of going to a main gas station, head north on the main road in town towards the Pai Airport. About a mile up the road, you will find a cute old man selling gas. Get it from him… He hand pumps the gas for you! You’ll only need 20 baht for your entire day!


Take the moped to either Pam Bok Waterfall or Mo Paeng Waterfall for the afternoon, and then head to Pai Canyon for the evening/sunset!

{Traveler’s Tip… Stay at the canyon after the sun goes down. You will still have loads of daylight, and you will get to enjoy the canyon with nearly no one else around you!}


Arriving back to town, walk through the market, grabbing whatever food you fancy most, and then take your food and a drink down to the river. There’s benches and “tables” down there to sit at and enjoy your meal!

Purchase your ticket back to Chiang Mai today from the bus station. If you’re going to stay at ZZ House again, you’ll want to be sure to go with Aya Tours because they drop you off only a mile away from ZZ House!


Wake up and go back to Good Life for breakfast! Spend your morning again relaxing in the Pai atmosphere and catch your afternoon bus back to Chiang Mai. Spend the evening visiting some of the Wats to see them lit up at night, and then make your way to the local market for dinner. Grab some snacks from 7-Eleven or another minimarket for your big traveling day tomorrow. Head to bed early tonight, as you have an early flight to catch in the morning!



If you’re looking for some more inspiration for Thailand, check out How to Spend Three Days in  Bangkok, or our Chiang Mai Itinerary. You can check back soon for our tips on the Thai island of Koh Phi Phi, along with a full two week Thailand itinerary including when to book your transportation, accommodation, and tours!



Remember, Pai is a place to truly unwind and enjoy the great outdoors of Thailand. You’ll find loads of street food and even restaurants serving non-Thai food, however, with prices a bit more spendy than the rest of Thailand, you’ll be happy to get back to Chiang Mai on day three and get your cheap Thai food fix! If you have any other questions or concerns about Pai or other areas of Thailand, please don’t hesitate to shoot us an email at, or leave a comment below!!



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