We finally made it to the end of the world!!


After finishing up our trek in Torres Del Paine, we hopped on a bus and and made our way south! Little did we know, we were in for a real treat on our bus trip! Upon boarding the bus, we received a nice breakfast and refreshing drinks. About half way down to Tierra Del Fuego, the island Ushuaia is located on, we switched buses and continued our journey south. This time we were greeted with cookies and sweet treats! The ride from Puerto Natales to Ushuaia is pretty brown and flat, but if you look hard you can find beauty in it. Take for example the ferry ride — we got off the bus and enjoyed dolphins swimming alongside the boat the entire way across the canal. Or the fence with the skeleton of an alpaca stuck in it. There’s always beauty to find some way or another.



Arriving in Ushuaia was a bit of a mess. If you can remember from back when we were in Mendoza, Heather had an unsettled feeling every time we entered Argentina. Getting off the bus, everyone scattered trying to find a hostel to stay at. We were headed for one in particular because we had one load of free laundry with our Get South book.  They only had beds available for our first night, but we were taking it. At least we could relax, get our laundry cleaned from our trekking in Torres Del Paine, and search for a new hostel the next night.


{Traveler’s Tip.. Get the Get South Book.. They are usually just laying around at different hostels and are filled with loads of great coupons!}


{Traveler’s Tip... Try and stay at Antarctica Hostel! They have a great lounge space, awesome beer, and super clean showers!}



The place we decided on for the remainder of our time in Ushuaia was not the best place, but one of the only places in town with availability. The owners had very strict cooking/food rules. We got in trouble for cooking meat in the kitchen, and got “kicked out” of the hostel for storing food in our room. I say “kicked out” in quotes, because she technically kicked us out and threatened to call the police if we weren’t gone by the evening, but then came up to us later and apologized and said we could stay. It was the strangest situation. She was mad at us for having rice (mind you, dry rice in a bag inside our backpacks) in the room, and was yelling at us to get out of her hostel because we weren’t obeying the rules of no food in the rooms, all while she was chomping down on crackers and leaving crumbs everywhere! One of those situations you just have to laugh about!


Our time in Ushuaia was luckily not all so bad! We were able to beat the rain and enjoy a hike up to a lovely lookout over the city, and enjoyed walking through all the cute shops in town! Our goal upon getting to Ushuaia was to buy a last minute cruise to Antarctica, but unfortunately, we were there a week after the last cruise of the year had left.


{Traveler’s Tip… If you’re wanting to head to Antarctica, this is the place to do it somewhat cheaply. You can ask for last minute cruise deals which are discounted tickets for the open rooms left on board. If you’re interested in taking one of these cruises, be sure to get there before mid-March, or you will be arriving after the cruising season.}



Since we couldn’t do a cruise to Antarctica, we took a short day cruise out to see a penguin colony on an island off shore. This was so much fun. The boat trip was lovely and we were able to see so many penguins and sea wildlife!


{Traveler’s Tip… If you’re wanting to see penguins, again, try and get to Ushuaia earlier than mid-March. In March, the penguins start to migrate from this area, so you won’t get to see as many as are normally there.}



While wondering the streets of Ushuaia, it’s not hard to notice the massive amounts of king crab. Literally, I think every restaurant in town served some form of it. We had to get our hands on some! We found the smallest shack like building and decided to eat there. (It’s always a good bet to find something a bit run down.. the non-touristy spots are usually the best for your taste buds and your pocket!) We enjoyed a lovely meal and chatted with the owner for quite some time. He was the sweetest old man, and shared pictures of him catching the king crab that morning! Talk about a fresh meal!



Heading back to the hostel that evening, we decided to figure out the best way to get up to Iguazu Falls. Since we only had a few weeks left in South America at this point, we wanted to get up north and out of Argentina. We found that we could fly to Buenos Aires from Ushuaia for half the price that busing that far would be, and would get there in 3 hours verses three days! Hello first flight of our backpacking trip! We would be heading out the next morning to catch our flight to northern Argentina.




This is our second Flash Back Friday Post.. Don’t worry.. We aren’t really in Ushuaia!! We’re still in Scotland, working like crazy on the van to get it ready for our adventure next week, and studying through the night for Jay’s big tests Tuesday and Wednesday! If you missed our latest post about our most recent adventure check it out here. If you missed our first Flash Back Friday post, read about our time in Torres Del Paine here, (P.S. — Even if you don’t read about it, do check out the pictures.. that place is amazing!)



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