5 Tips to Using Hot Springs in Iceland  

When visiting Iceland, soaking in the hot springs is basically a must! And while the natural minerals in the water make you feel absolutely amazing, to keep those minerals working and the water clean, there are few rules to follow. Don’t be that obnoxious tourist and follow these simple tips to using hot springs in Iceland.

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It’s always nice to have a little snack during a hike, or while relaxing in the springs. Even the paid for springs let you eat your own food, so be sure to pack a lunch! Just remember, GLASS is NOT allowed… for obvious reasons!



Wash the pits, hair, feet, and you know, private parts before getting in the springs. You’ll even find pictures to show you what areas to scrub clean! Keep things sanitary and just do it! This is done naked. We’ll say it again, showering naked is a must. Don’t worry, people aren’t going to be staring at your hoo-ha while you clean yourself. Just follow the rules, avoid dirty looks, and shower naked.



Stay hydrated while soaking in the water. While sitting in that warm, mineral filled water you’ll be losing some of the water in your body. If you don’t replace that water, you won’t be feeling too good once you get out of the hot spring. This water bottle keeps drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 6! There’s nothing better than having cold water to rehydrate yourself while in the hot spring!



You can rent towels at the springs, but seriously just bring your own. This pack towel is compact and quick drying, making it a great travel towel to travel with. Or, you could borrow one from the place your staying! Drying off is mandatory when getting out of the hot springs and swimming pools to prevent making the ground slippery and wet!


While at the paid for hot springs you need to wear a swimsuit, in the showers you don’t, in fact, you’re supposed to shower naked. In the hot springs in the wild, you’ll find people soaking nude. While you don’t have to, be prepared to see people nude, and don’t feel too shy being nude yourself, it’s sometimes looked down upon to wear clothing in natural hot springs.. you know contamination and such.



We hope you enjoy your time in Iceland and specifically relaxing in the hot springs. If you think we’ve forgotten any tips, please drop us a comment below! If you’re visiting the south of Iceland we have a few hot springs we can’t help but recommend. You can read about them here.

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And of course, if you’re looking for more information on Iceland, be sure to head to our Iceland Travel Page to get more of our tips and tricks for this beautiful, rugged land.

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