Get inspired by our vantrails adventures! Life in a van is full of amazing moments. Waking up to a different view whenever you want is the best! Here on this van adventures page, we’re hoping to inspire you to get out and hit the road. Whether it’s in a van or a car.. just get out and explore!

  • Cromarty


    The Black Isle is our new back yard, and man, are we stoked about it!  Often times when talking to people about Inverness, The Black Isle comes as a highly recommended place to see. After spending a weekend in The Black Isle, we couldn’t agree more.     This last weekend marked the end of Read more about Cromarty[…]Read More »
  • Oban.. A Distillery And So Much More!

    Oban.. A Distillery And So Much More!

    The cutest little place that started as a fishing village, now thriving on the distillery in the heart of the town. Yes, we learned on our distillery tour that the town of Oban was once a small fishing village. The potential the village held was huge, and in 1794 Hugh and John Stevenson grabbed hold Read more about Oban.. A Distillery And So Much More![…]Read More »
  • Glen Etive

    Glen Etive

    We have yet to leave a glen disappointed. Each and every glen we have been to, regardless of rain or shine, has been beautiful in its own way. The nature each glen provides seems to be different from the last, and Glen Etive had a sweet twist.   {Traveler’s Tip… Heading west on A82, you Read more about Glen Etive[…]Read More »
  • Glen Lyon

    Glen Lyon

    Here in Scotland a glen is a canyon.. and there are many, many, many of them to explore! One of our favorite glens thus far has been Glen Lyon, a surprise stop on our trip over to Oban!   With a six-day break, we had to head out in Isobel for a bit. Our game Read more about Glen Lyon[…]Read More »
  • Skye to Aberdeen.. Part Four

    Skye to Aberdeen.. Part Four

    Let’s talk about traveling through Scotland… With Scotland being the relatively small country that it is, one can really get from one place to another in no time at all. (That coming from two native Oregonians who drive the length of Oregon in four hours.) I know, some people reading this think four hours?! That’s Read more about Skye to Aberdeen.. Part Four[…]Read More »
  • The Western Side of Skye.. Part Three of the Inaugural #VanTrails Trip

    The Western Side of Skye.. Part Three of the Inaugural #VanTrails Trip

    Isle of Skye is 50 miles long and 25 miles wide, but with the ragged coastline and multiple sea lochs, the coast of Skye includes over 400 miles of beautiful scenery. These crazy sea lochs led our second loop of Skye to be not a loop at all, but rather a crazy, squiggly line down Read more about The Western Side of Skye.. Part Three of the Inaugural #VanTrails Trip[…]Read More »
  • The Northern Loop of Skye

    The Northern Loop of Skye

    Rolling over and coming to the realization that wow, we are in Skye at the trailhead of our very first hike in the area was really like a dream. It was one of those times where you try hard to focus on whether or not this was reality. The reality part sunk in once we Read more about The Northern Loop of Skye[…]Read More »
  • Aberdeen to Skye.. Inaugural trip for #VanTrails

    Aberdeen to Skye.. Inaugural trip for #VanTrails

    Heading out of Aberdeen, we decided to make our way up the coast over to Inverness, and then through The Highlands into Skye. Oh man the freedom of being in our own car.. no, our own van. How do we explain the giddiness that shook down to our souls, the joy streaming through the smiles Read more about Aberdeen to Skye.. Inaugural trip for #VanTrails[…]Read More »
  • Spring Break

    Spring Break

      Bikinis, sun kissed skin, and margaritas on the beach right?? Or rather, scarves and beanies, rain, rain, rain, and hot chocolate in the van!! Yes, we chose rain over sunshine.. but we had to get to Skye!!   Skye?!?! What’s Skye? Where’s Skye? Why would you go there?!   When talking with locals about Read more about Spring Break[…]Read More »

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