Looking to do a killer van build out?! Are you hoping to make the perfect home on wheels? We’re sharing all our details of our buildout, how-to guides, and even the imperfections here.  Get inspired and go start building!

  • Purchasing a Car in the United Kingdom

    Purchasing a Car in the United Kingdom

    There are many things to think about when purchasing a car in the UK. Being a foreigner on top of being a student makes things a bit more tricky.. or rather expensive. Let’s look at practicality, affordability, and where to buy a car.   Practicality: Public transportation is readily available in most major parks of Read more about Purchasing a Car in the United Kingdom[…]Read More »
  • So… We Bought A Van… Surprised?!?!

    So… We Bought A Van… Surprised?!?!

    How in the world did we think we were going to live in a country with amazing Creation to explore without having a car? Coming over here, having a car wasn’t even a thought.. After being here for about a month and realizing all the beauty this country has to offer not having a car Read more about So… We Bought A Van… Surprised?!?![…]Read More »

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