Villa Diana | A Cozy, Modern Apartment Stay in Zadar, Croatia

The best way to save money while traveling is by making your own food. So when searching for accommodation, it’s nice to look for a place that includes a kitchenette to cook your own meals. Villa Diana in Zadar offers a kitchenette and more. Staying in Zadar at Villa Diana will give you a modern twist on a nice apartment stay – it’s so nice, you may want to just move right in!

We were really looking forward to our stay at Villa Diana. With the villa being within walking distance to Zadar’s attractions like the Greeting to the Sun and the Sea Organ, but far enough away from the party scene Zadar often offers, we couldn’t be happier pulling up to the villa. We parked the car in the spacious front lot to be greeted with a huge smiling face at check-in.

While we were going through check-in and getting the lowdown on Zadar, we were given ice cold sparkling water and offered breakfast for the following morning. When we were shown up to our room, both of us looked at each other thinking, how is it possible that Villa Diana is nicer in person than it is online?! Yes, the pictures online and fantastic reviews and rating on booking truly don’t do Villa Diana justice.

After relaxing in the villa for a bit, showering up, and getting ready to head into Zadar, we made the quick 15-minute walk to the city. We spent our evening in town witnessing the greeting to the sun, listening to the sea organ, and meeting up with some new vanlifing friends for some killer homemade beer. In the morning, we woke up to the most gorgeous breakfast spread, that tasted even better than it looked, and in no time were off to Krka National Park to spend the afternoon – a quick and easy drive just down the coast!



The Bedroom:

Completely separate from the rest of the apartment, the bedrooms at Villa Diana seem more like a hotel room! With a nice bed, extra pillows, and loads of closet space, you can really move right on in! Our bedroom even had two windows allowing for so much daylight to shine in.. although, let’s be real, you’ll be spending time in the living space rather than the bedroom itself!


The Living Space:

Modern yet welcoming, the living space comes complete with a T.V., Wi-Fi, large couch and cute throw pillows. There’s plenty of space to just hang out and relax, and with the open floor plan to the kitchen, the living space is great for a pre-dinner drink!


The Kitchen:

Each apartment at Villa Diana includes some sort of kitchen. How large the kitchen is dependent on the room booked. Our kitchen was a fully functioning kitchen complete with a huge fridge, stove and oven, and all the kitchen utensils ever needed. The table in the kitchen was a nice touch to really make us feel in a fully functioning apartment.


The Bathroom:

As weird as it sounds, bathrooms make or break places for us. And the bathroom at Villa Diana was great! The shower is large and has a tub as well, the towels are soft and comfortable, and the bathroom itself is really spacious. We also loved the big window in the bathroom so we could dry our clothes with the fresh air blowing in without our clothes being everywhere in the main area of the apartment.


Free Parking:

Free parking is huge when road tripping in Croatia. Parking fees can break the budget, and nobody wants to spend money on that anyways, so the free parking at Villa Diana was a huge bonus! The parking lot is just big enough for the guests, and with the close proximity to downtown Zadar, it’s a great place to leave your car and just walk into town!

Upstairs Terrace:

The upstairs terrace at Villa Diana has really nice outdoor furniture and a huge umbrella for some shade making it the perfect place for an evening drink! With Wi-Fi accessible from the terrace, it’s also the perfect place to get some work done, or plan out the next part of your trip. There’s even books there to sit back and have a nice read! It really is a relaxing evening spot!


Garden/Lounge Area:

After making a great dinner and pouring a glass of Croatian wine, there’s no better place to enjoy the meal than outside at Villa Diana. Downstairs and around the back of Villa Diana, there’s a cozy garden/lounge area. It’s hidden away from the road, and is a great place to enjoy a meal. With bees buzzing around the garden, and proper tables and chairs, eating here couldn’t be more enjoyable.


Private Lounges:

Some rooms at Villa Diana have private outdoor lounge areas. Whether it’s laying out sunbathing or having a romantic evening together with your loved one, the private lounge areas are great for well, a bit of privacy! Not all rooms come with this lounge areas, so be sure to double check yours does when booking!



Day Trip to Plitvice Lakes:

Plitvice Lakes National Park is the famous waterfall national park in Croatia. With the lakes being less than two hours away from Zadar, it’s a great day trip from Villa Diana. Do be aware that there is no swimming in these lakes, and it can get a bit touristy.

WATCH MORE : A Day at Plitvice Lakes National Park


Day Trip to Krka National Park:

Krka National Park is a lesser visited national park in Croatia, but we aren’t sure why. At this national park, you can actually get into the water and swim around at the bottom of the falls! It again can get quite touristy, but it is well worth the visit! It’s about an hour south of Zadar, and is right off the highway, so you can make this as an easy day trip, or if you’re heading south, just make it a pitstop on your way to Split.


WATCH MORE : A Day at Krka National Park


Explore Zadar:

Zadar is a beautiful city to visit! With things like the Greeting to the Sun and the Sea Organ, wandering around Zadar makes for a great evening! Walk along the waterfront and enjoy some gelato, and don’t forget to catch the sunset near the Greeting to the Sun!


By Car:

Put Villa Diana into your map app, and you should have no problem getting right to the villa. Again, Villa Diana has free parking, so you don’t have to worry about finding or paying for a place to leave the car during your stay.

By Foot:

Villa Diana is located about a 15-minute walk outside of the main part of Zadar. This walk includes going by the harbor and through a park, and it feels completely safe. It’s close enough to the craziness of Zadar, but far enough away to enjoy a quiet stay.


Search for the Villa Diana here, and then choose what room fits your desired stay. You can stay in the full apartments with a separate bedroom, studio apartments, or a luxury apartment with a beautiful tub, shower, and private balcony!


Save these details so you don’t forget about Villa Diana!

Recommended Gear for Villa Diana:

While you don’t need any specific gear to actually stay at the Villa Diana, we recommend this travel gear for your trip to Croatia.

This camera is what we used for the photos in this post as well as the video in the beginning. Taking good quality photos is a great way to capture all the memories! We always, always travel with this backpack. It’s the perfect carry-on size pack with shelf like compartments to organize all your belongings. And this water bottle keeps drinks cold for 24 hours! The best way to beat the heat in Croatia!

*Although we stayed at Villa Diana as special guests, all opinions are our own, and we honestly can 100% recommend Villa Diana to you for a welcoming modern apartment stay in Zadar.

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