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Typically when we travel, we camp, CouchSurf, or AirBnB. However, when we booked our trip to Poland, we planned on splurging on a nice hotel. Scouring different booking sites for hotels, the Westin Warsaw stood out to us with its 8.9/10 rating from over 2,500 reviews! The Westin Warsaw is hands down the place to stay in Warsaw.



Walking into the hotel, there was this overwhelming feeling of calmness. The décor and attention to detail throughout the lobby, bar, and restaurant immediately put us at ease. (We later found out this is all part of their “A Better You” program, but more on that later.) The staff during check-in were more than we could have hoped for.

Even though we checked in at 2:00am, the receptionist greeted us with a huge smile and answered any and all questions we had. He even offered us insight into Christmas events going on throughout the city and highlighted main attraction we shouldn’t miss. He made us feel like we were guests in his home, not in a hotel.



The Westin Warsaw is a 20-floor hotel right down the main strip of Warsaw’s skyscrapers. So when we were handed our keys and told our room was on the 15th floor, we were a bit giddy. The elevator was like a ride at the fair. With glass windows out to the main street, and lightning quick speed, we were up to our room in no time!



Walking into the room, we looked at each other and couldn’t believe we were staying at such a nice place. The view from our room was a fantastic cityscape in all directions. Skyscrapers lining both sides of the roads around us made for a fantastic skyline! Let us remind you, we were treating ourselves at this hotel. And again, if you’re going to treat yourself while traveling, Poland is definitely the country to do so – with the Westin Warsaw being a must if you’re in Warsaw.




The Bed

Where do we begin with the bed? Picture laying on clouds floating above your perfect holiday destination. Yep, that’s how this bed was. Soft warm sheets, huge fluffy pillows, and a pillow top mattress that’s so comfy you don’t want to get out of bed in the morning.

The Bathroom

With both a bath and a shower, the bathroom is set up to make anyone happy. Once the temperature is right, the rainfall shower head even makes a shower at the Westin Warsaw luxurious.

The Extras

With Heather needing to work while on holiday, we were happy to see there was a huge workspace in the room. With a small lamp at the table, this made for the perfect spot to work in the morning without waking Jason. Other room extras include coffee and tea, a fully stocked mini bar, and our favorite, lavender oil to use before bed to ensure better sleep.





An overall theme throughout our stay at the Westin was the staff ensuring our holiday was as relaxing and refreshing as it could be. With the program “A Better You”, the Westin team goes above and beyond to make sure everything is perfect.

Robe and Slippers

The robe and slippers the Westin provides aren’t just any robe and slippers. We wanted to take them home with us! The soft fabric they’re made out of made us feel so pampered. In fact, every time we walked in the room, Heather threw on her bathrobe and slippers. We even wanted to wear them to breakfast, however, thought that would be inappropriate. 😉

White Tea Aloe Soap

The attention to detail for making each stay the best goes down to the soap the Westin Warsaw provides. White tea aloe shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and hand soap are all provided to make each wash feel revitalizing… And you smell really fresh after too!

Gym and Spa

Although we didn’t use either the gym or the spa, we were tempted to use them both. As if all the extras in our room didn’t make us feel pampered enough, the spa treatments available sounded so good too! The gym goes a step above just a workout facility. You can even rent shoes and gym clothes to use during your stay so you don’t have to pack your own! So cool! Maybe next time 😉



The only thing that got us out of the comfy bed in the morning was the amazing breakfast served downstairs. The Fusion Restaurant turns into a breakfast buffet each morning, and on the weekends it stays open till 11:00… a major plus when all you want to do in the morning is hang out in bed!

With literally hundreds of different options, there’s food for everyone. They serve both warm and cold breakfast foods, prepare omelets to your exact specifications, and even have a coffee machine that makes espressos and cappuccinos! Again… another major plus! We’ve never experienced a breakfast spread as good as this one, and we’re sure you haven’t either!





Getting to the Westin Warsaw is as easy as can be. If you’re traveling in full luxury, you can arrange a shuttle service between the hotel and airport. Alternatively, Uber and taxis are extremely cheap in Poland, so a 20-minute cab ride won’t break the bank.

If you’re only carrying a backpack or small bag, you can get between the Westin Warsaw Hotel and the airport for only 1 USD per person on the local bus. Take bus 175 during the day, or the N32 at night. This will take you right into the city center, where you can get off in front of the main bus/train station and then walk less than a mile to the Westin.



As if you need the extra nudge of encouragement, we 100% recommend this hotel to anyone staying in Warsaw. Again, the staff at the Westin Warsaw took our stay to the next level, and the attention to detail with their “A Better You” program really makes you feel pampered in every aspect of your stay. We are hoping to stay at the Westin Warsaw again during our next visit to this beautiful city!

To book your stay at The Westin Warsaw, or read more reviews from other guests, check out the Westin Warsaw Website here.


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