Where to Stay in Dubrovnik | Old Town Dubrovnik vs. Hillside Dubrovnik

There’s no doubt that Dubrovnik offers a great, warm weather vacation. But has Dubrovnik become too overcrowded and touristy? In our opinion, yes. It’s super touristy, but we try to find ways to escape the tourism wherever we travel, and the location of where you’re staying in Dubrovnik can make or break your time in the city.



While there are pros and cons to staying in Dubrovnik Old Town and staying in Dubrovnik hillside, we think pros of a hillside stay outweigh the pros of Old Town! 
Here’s why…




Cozy B and B Feel

Staying in the hillside of Dubrovnik means that you’re most likely going to be staying in someone’s actual home. Don’t let this scare you. It’s actually really nice. Instead of a fancy hotel stay, you get a cozy homestay that’s set up perfect for a traveler. You’ll get sweet personal touches instead of just feeling like a money sign walking around a hotel.



Now, staying in someone’s home may seem like you have less privacy. And while, yes, you may have a shared bathroom instead of a private one, or maybe bump into the owner every now and then, you still have a sense of privacy. Think, relaxing on a balcony without hundreds of other guests, or enjoying a breakfast with just your travel mate and maybe one other couple. It’s awesome!


Amazing Views

Dubrovnik’s hillside is what saved this little town from being completely bypassed by us. The views from a villa in the hills are remarkable. With the islands in the distance and a look at the other villas beneath you, the view from a hillside stay in Dubrovnik takes the cake!

The BEST Place for Sunset

This goes along with the killer views… The villas in Dubrovnik’s hillside are at the perfect angle for watching the sunset. The sun literally fades away just behind the islands, and it’s absolutely breathtaking. To make it even better, watching the sunset from your own private villa means that there aren’t crowds of others chattering away around you, or in your way for that perfect picture. Grab a bottle of wine, and enjoy a romantic private sunset with your traveling partner.. we promise you won’t be disappointed here.


SEE MORE : Check out the views from our hillside stay in Dubrovnik in this video!


It’s Away from the Hustle and Bustle

A stay in Dubrovnik’s hillside offers a quiet and relaxed atmosphere that you probably won’t want to leave. We actually extended our stay at our villa because it was so nice just sitting and enjoying the amazing views! We felt so relaxed and at ease. You’ll forget you’re in a super touristy part of Croatia, and heck, if you want that touristy feel, you’re only a short walk away!




Closer to the Tourist Traps

Okay, okay.. we kid. Staying in Old Town Dubrovnik does mean that you’re staying right in the craziness of the city center. If you get hungry, you have tons of options right at your doorstep. Like literally, right out your door! Everything you can imagine will be right outside your hotel/accommodation, so really Old Town Dubrovnik is right at your fingertips!


Stairway to Heaven Ain’t No Thing

While we highly recommend walking through the hillside of Dubrovnik (check it out here), we also understand that walking countless steps isn’t for everyone. Staying in the Old Town means you won’t have to be walking up and down back alleyways to get to and from your accommodation every day.


Easier to Access

Obviously, one major perk to actually staying in Old Town Dubrovnik is that your accommodation can be reached within minutes. If you want to join in some of the water festivities during the day, but want to look good for dinner at night, if your accommodation is in Old Town, it will be much easier to pop in for a nice shower and freshen up!



 City Tax

City Tax in Old Town is higher than it is staying in the hillside or just outside of Old Town in general. While this is only a difference of a few Euro, if you’re on a budget not only will the hillside stays be cheaper in general, the city tax will be cheaper as well.



While there are buses that can take away a lot of the steps getting to and from accommodation with the hillside, you will be walking up and down steps regardless. (Bus 3 from Old Town will knock off a lot of the hill climbing for you!)


Rental Cars

Most hillside villas will have somewhere for you to park your rental car, however, Old Town does not offer any parking, well because there are no driving streets within Old Town. So if you have a rental car, be sure to book a place that offers free parking!


Other Places

There are more places than just the hillside and Old Town to stay in Dubrovnik. However we feel like these are the top two options, so we wanted to compare just the two of these. If you look towards the northern side of Dubrovnik near the large harbor, you’ll find more big fancy hotels and higher class accommodation.




If you can’t tell by our list of pros of staying in the hillside of Dubrovnik versus staying in the Old Town Dubrovnik, we obviously recommend the hillside. It’s the only way to escape the tourism and for us, the only way to enjoy a town that tourist have completely taken over.

We stayed at Rooms Rita, and while the rooms were nothing too fancy, our host was great, the views and terrace were absolutely amazing, and there’s only one other room in her villa, so you don’t have to worry about sharing it with loads of other people! In all reality, just look at the pictures/reviews and be sure you can enjoy a view from wherever you stay.

However, if you’re looking for a more luxurious hotel like feel, we recommend searching near the large harbor in Dubrovnik. There are many large hotels there if that’s what tickles your fancy.




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Step outside the tourism and enjoy your time in Dubrovnik!


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