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Hey everyone…


We’re sorry we are still playing catch up with the blog! We promise to write all the posts about the road trip before we take off for South America.

We thought we would let you know what the plan is for us at this point and give you some insight on what’s to come! 🙂 Right now, we are in Newport Beach hanging out at our uncle and aunt’s house having a great time. We got here on Sunday the 19th, and will be staying here until we fly out. Our plan while we are here is to hang out with the family, relax on the beach, catch up on the blog, and research  a bit more for our South America trip.

We changed the format of the blog for the last time.. we noticed that the last layout was hard to figure out where to comment on it (We know that’s why you haven’t commented yet) and that it was difficult to navigate your way to previous posts. We are hopeful that we have found the easiest one to navigate while still being esthetically pleasing to the eye!

{You can leave a comment by clicking on “leave a comment” on the top of the post or the bottom right of the post,  or where it says leave a reply, and you can go back to other posts by clicking on them in “recent posts” or going to the archives and clicking on the month you think the post was done, then scroll through those posts. You can also search for a post in the search bar. Hopefully this helps you move through our site.}

Some posts you can look forward to reading..

*Del Rio * Big Bend National Park * Guadalupe Mountains National Park * Carlsbad Cavern National Park * El Paso/Balloon Festival * Tucson/Saguaro National Park * Breaking Down in Flagstaff * Grand Canyon National Park * Joshua Tree National Park * Disneyland * How much did this trip cost * How to pack for a 7 week road trip * How to pack for backpacking through South America *

We know that ‘s a lot, but we can do it!! 🙂

Now a bit about South America..

Our flight leaves for Lima, Peru, on Monday, October 27th, at 12:30 AM. We will be saying in Lima for three days before we take off for Cusco, Peru. In Cusco, we will meet up with our trekking team and begin our eight or nine day journey to Machu Picchu.  As far as what’s to come after Machu Picchu, your guess is as good as ours. We will be playing it by ear, and going where we feel the Lord is guiding us to be.

Please comment with any questions you have about our journey and we will try to get them all answered!


Jason and Heather

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