Why We Travel || Our Idea of the Life We’re Called to Live

Wondering why we travel? Sometimes we wonder too! And while it’s not easy to answer that question, we’re hoping this explains a bit more of why we travel and live the life we do.


Lately, it seems like around every corner tragedy strikes. There is so much bad in the world, but here’s the deal…there is more good. We can promise you that. And finding and sharing that good may just be the reason behind why we travel.


These past few months, we’ve been talking a lot about why we travel. Our lifestyle has been questioned by other people, and even by ourselves.


Why do we give up close friendships? 
Why do we give up precious family time?
Why do we give up having “security” in a savings account and steady job?
Why do we give up the sense of community settling in one spot can bring?
Why do we give up our sanity (sometimes)?
Why do we give up an “easy” life with routine and certainty?


We’ve organized our thoughts and think that maybe, just maybe, we can explain why we travel.

Traveling isn’t really about us. It’s not about getting passport stamps or checking items off a bucket list. It’s not about racking up the number of countries we’ve visited or flights we’ve taken.


Traveling is about so much more.


It’s about finding the beauty and good in the world and turning around and sharing that beauty and good with you. It’s about feeling alive. It’s about breaking the boundaries this world puts on life and living the life we are called to live.

Traveling is what we use to encourage you to peel away from the social norms, to break free from what “life should be”, and to live life unashamed and unafraid.


So, why we travel you ask??


There’s no easy answer… but we’ll leave you with this.  

We aren’t made to live a content and comfortable life. We aren’t made to live in fear of the bad in the world when there is so much good. We are made to live boldly. We are made to experience the beautiful world surrounding us. We are made to break social norms and live a life of adventure and love.

We hope and pray that through our travels you find encouragement to live a life that you’re proud of.  We pray that you break away from the life society tells you to live and get out and live life on the edge. We hope that through us, you can find the good in the world when all seems lost.



Heather and Jay



Want to know more about us and where we’ve come from? Check out The Two Behind ArboursAbroad.

We’d love to hear from you. What are you made to do? What’s your purpose in this life? Share with us below!



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