Why We Love ZZ House…And Why You Will Too

Choosing accommodation can be a stressful part of planning a trip. Finding accommodation where you don’t get bed bugs or feel unsafe can be tricky and exhausting. Not to mention choosing a location that suits you best, all while staying within your budget… do you have a headache yet?! When we traveled though Chiang Mai, we booked our accommodation at ZZ House strictly because of the reviews of Boyd, the host of ZZ House. We didn’t look at any other aspect, as quite honestly, we were sick of spending hours searching for a good place to stay. Our experience at ZZ House was better than we could have dreamed, so we’re going to tell you why you too should book there.





Reason One: Boyd!!

Boyd runs/owns ZZ House and is an incredible host. He puts his guest ahead of everything else, is extremely energetic, and does everything in his power to make your stay in Chiang Mai as perfect as possible. When you arrive at ZZ House, Boyd typically sits with you for about 20 minutes going over how you can accomplish what you want to do in the area, as well as giving you ideas of how to spend your time.


Reason Two: Amenities

Private Rooms: ZZ House is really like a hotel. You get fresh towels every day, shampoo and bodywash, and even have individual refrigerators. The rooms are huge, have en suite showers/toilets, big comfy beds, AC, a fan, and a vanity to get ready at/store your belongings.


Dorm Rooms: Not looking for a private room? ZZ House has a separate building with dorms. Each bed comes with a fresh towel, the bathrooms are stocked with shampoo and bodywash, and there’s a shared fridge. There are individual lights and plugs for each bed, and a curtain to pull around your bed for privacy.


For all you moped loving traveler’s… You can rent mopeds for 200 baht a day without any hassle or scam straight from either ZZ House! And… to make that deal even sweeter, they deliver the mopeds to you and come and pick them up when your 24 hours of rental is done!


Reason Three: Cleanliness

Both locations of ZZ House, (the dorms and the private rooms) are spotless and cleaned every day. Boyd and his helpers sweep daily, clean the bathrooms, and restock the soaps when they need it. You can even get fresh towels daily if you really wish!

Reason Four: Security

Private Rooms: Each room comes with an individual key. The main door is typically left unlocked/opened, but a key is given upon arrival for each room.


Dorm Rooms: Guests are given fobs to get in and out of the building and individual keys for each room. The main door is always kept shut, so you can rest assured only those with keys will be getting into the building. There is also a section of lockers to lock up your valuables.


Reason Five: Location

Both ZZ House locations are about a 10-15 minute walk from the Night Bazaar where most traveler’s go for dinner. A large grocery market is about a 5 minute walk from both locations, as well as a killer café on the river with great prices on coffee! ZZ House dorms are about a mile away from the train station, while ZZ House private rooms are about 1.2 miles from the train station (just a couple more corners down the same road!)


More importantly than the reasons above, the location is great because it’s away from the tourism! While you’re only 10-15 minutes from the main market, you’re about 5-10 minutes away from a much more local market, with way better food, and nearly no tourist!





Fact One: Price

400-500 baht (6 USD) per private room. 200-300 baht (3 USD) per bed in dorm. Hands down, the best bang for your baht!! Exceptional accommodation.


Fact Two: Booking

Book ahead! You don’t want to miss out on experiencing a great stay at such a great price. We used the agoda app, but you can find ZZ House at agoda.com or booking.com…we found Agoda to be cheaper.


Fact Three: Rating

On both the booking and agoda websites, ZZ House is rated at higher than 8/10. The reviews are nearly all wonderful, with the exception of a few chumps 😉 Everyone raves about Boyd (Once you meet him you will understand why!)



Our experience at ZZ House was by far one of the highlights of our entire trip. Boyd is an absolutely great host, and we can 100% recommend staying at ZZ House without any hesitation. We fully recommend the private rooms for couples looking for a nice escape. There is a school nearby, but we weren’t disturbed at all by the noise, and there aren’t loud people tramping around outside your room. The dorms were just being opened when we stayed, but they are a great choice for solo traveler’s looking for a place to have a couple beers with others while not getting too crazy.



I don’t know how we forgot, but we completely spaced taking photos of the private rooms. Maybe because we were in aw of what we were getting for the price we were paying.  The photos on all the booking websites are up to date, and the rooms are exactly as portrayed.



If you’re looking for ideas on what to do in Chiang Mai, be sure to check out our 3 Day Chiang Mai Itinerary to find all the best places to explore in the area!



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